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Martha Stewart: The Foodie With 9 Lives

The Lempert Report: The TV celebrity has taken up an advisory role with a cannabis company and teamed up with rapper Snoop Dogg as the CBD products market continues to bloom.

Fresh Food

Another Reason to Avoid Junk Foods

The Lempert Report: A study shows that increased sugar consumption has been found to be associated with bipolar disorder, and consumption of foods that have been fried or contain high amounts of sugar and processed grains have been linked with depression.

The Lempert Report: Nearly 2,100 Americans were surveyed on their attitudes about and knowledge of food issues. While the majority of Americans have fighting food waste on their mind, many do not know where to begin.

The Lempert Report: Investors are pumping millions into restaurant concepts that use blockchain, AI and apps to personalize menu offerings and customize meal recommendations.

The Lempert Report: Strategically placed delicious aromas can increase shoppers’ desire to try and buy.

The Lempert Report: Some say the USDA's new labeling rules favor agriculture industry interests over environmental concerns.

Amazon’s next retail concept won't be limited to groceries. You'll see other products such as clothing, health and beauty items, electronics and lots of technology everywhere.

The Lempert Report: Unused land near city centers could be used to grow fresh produce and support certain animal products.

The Lempert Report: A new study suggests a warming planet may increase incidences of food poisoning.

The Lempert Report: The language of food is more important than you might think, and labels such as "vegetarian" have proven to be a turn off for some.

The Lempert Report: Big investors who put money in food companies say the size of the opportunity in food is enormous, but recent disasters for meal kit services and delivery-only restaurants are forcing them to think twice.

The Lempert Report: Companies are banding together for a $4 million initiative to explore sustainable products and packaging.