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2018 Food Trend #2: Tactile

The Lempert Report: Consumers have witnessed a more intellectual connection to our foods, and now it gets physical.


2018 Food Trend #1: Mindfulness

The Lempert Report: The buzzword has quickly become the mantra for many brands’ marketing objectives—but do they really understand what it means?

The Lempert Report: The Orlando Sentinel has a terrific report on how the “local” movement is prospering in the area’s restaurants, but how the providers of these “local” products may not be reaping the benefits

The Lempert Report: Led by Natalie Menza, RD, ShopRite has one of the best retail dietitian programs with an RD in just about every one of their more than 270 stores.

The Lempert Report: Celebrities have always wanted in on the food business.

The Lempert Report: Snapchat has rolled out new filters that can recognize what's in your pictures, which will provide contextually aware graphics.

The Lempert Report: For and other dating sites, here is the key to a successful connection

The Lempert Report: The Good Groceries Guide helps consumers differentiate between meaningful and meaningless labels when it comes to animal welfare, health, the environment and worker treatment. 

The Lempert Report: Let's take food ratings to the next level.

The Lempert Report: U.S. supermarket stocks lost value through the first three quarters of 2017

The Lempert Report: The U.K. is planning targeted reductions in sugars in processed foods. What's the U.S. going to do?

What's on the Supermarket Guru's crystal ball for the annual countdown?

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