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Fresh Food

Eating Faster Could Make Foods Taste Better

The Lempert Report: Study finds humans register taste more quickly when food or drink moves over their tongues quickly.

Retail Foodservice

Cuisines to Consider as Grocerants Reopen

The Lempert Report: Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese foods are gaining U.S. fans.

The Lempert Report: The food delivery service's annual report identifies popular food trends.

The Lempert Report: The quick-service restaurant has launched sustainable apparel dyed with ink from leftover avocado pits, but the initiative seems to have little to do with being environmentally responsible.

The Lempert Report: The startup specializes in more interesting, exotic and hard-to-get foods.

The Lempert Report: Food establishments innovate amid a pandemic.

The Lempert Report: Fixing the supply chain must be a top priority.

The Lempert Report: The plant-based burger war has begun.

The Lempert Report: One in 4 Americans avoid buying foods containing the top nine food allergens, a new study finds.

The Lempert Report: The role of the supermarket retail dietitian should be expanded to helping consumers understand their DNA and how it affects their health and nutrition.

The Lempert Report: The report offer a plan to rebuild food production across the globe.

The Lempert Report: A food hall in North Kansas City's Iron District has adapted by moving outside—and into shipping containers.

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