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Fresh Food

Stop Talking About Climate Change and Take Responsibility

The Lempert Report: The world’s meat, fish and dairy industries are failing to tackle the enormous effect they are having on the planet.


Grubhub's Offering for Grocerants

The Lempert Report: Grocery retailers grab customers by some of the same means as restaurants, and Grubhub's latest app can help.

The Lempert Report: Rising wages and a labor shortage of 1 million workers in foodservice has the grocery sector concerned.

The Lempert Report: One new report says social media influencers order excess food for the sake of the perfect Instagram shot but much of the featured food goes to waste.

While up to 77% of all purchasing decisions for CPGs start online, most happen in physical stores.

The Lempert Report: The distinct shopping preferences and eating habits of millennials are now influencing food brands.

The Lempert Report: Most studies on poor diets have focused on physical activity and nutrition, with little attention to emotional issues.

The Lempert Report: With a fast-food president as dietitian-in-chief, the symbol of the all-American diet may remain a Big Mac, Coke and fries. 

The Lempert Report: A looming dispute could have dramatic implications for consumers and the U.S. food industry

Three-fourths of Target shoppers in stores are adding at least one food item to their baskets, and with its new Good & Gather banner, Target aims to rapidly increase food sales.

The Lempert Report: Food labelling is more detailed than ever, but no less confusing for millions of consumers who just want to make good choices.

The Lempert Report: U.N. report says there's an opportunity to significantly enhance sustainable aquaculture production.

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