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Kroger Makes Additional Staffing Changes in Wake of Executive Shakeup

The Columbus and Dallas divisions are getting new presidents.


Will Drones Invade Grocery?

Behind the Headlines: With Google and Amazon working toward drone delivery, there are some other less expected applications in grocery.

The initiative provides discounted flat-fare rides to local supermarkets.

Retailers have more tools at their disposal than ever before to help ensure their shoppers’ safety.

A two-year pilot just launched in New York, with an expansion to other states expected in the near future.

Behind the Headlines: A new video and report demonstrates just how close we may be to a seamless, connected supermarket.

Divisions including Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Houston to get new presidents from within company; Joe Grieshaber named merchandising SVP.

Thousands of new autonomous floor cleaners, FAST Unloaders and other tech will make their way into stores.

Electronic shelf labels aren't new, but the application of the technology in stores has grown as retailers look to them to manage labor and stock, streamline e-commerce and communicate with shoppers in new ways.

The retailer will open its next three supercenters in the northeast area of the state in May.

A study found grocers are using the category to ensure profitability.

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