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The Next Chapter

Figuring out the future of the supermarket industry is much harder than simply looking into a crystal ball.

From the Publisher: Preparing for Battle

In order to compete in the changing retail landscape, Walmart is becoming a better and more diverse merchandiser.

There was news aplenty at the most recent Global Pet Expo.

Being ahead of the curve—or at least even with it—can make a retailer seem more in tune with its customers.

Lower prices are a short-term solution to a long-term problem and can leave the retail battlefield in a state of chaos.

Grocery retailers are either “all-in” or backing away from promoting the pet aisle.

KraftHeinz’s attempt to acquire Unilever, though unsuccessful, could be a harbinger of things to come.

North Shore is proud of the products it grows, how they are produced and the people behind them.

Pets are Nestlé Purina’s passion. Part of that passion means meeting consumer needs while helping pets live longer, healthier lives.

Food retailers that promote their pharmacy counter are poised to reap future benefits.

Raley’s is a supermarket that stands apart from its competition.

With top-quality olive oil that is traceable to its source, Gaea is poised to be a larger player in the U.S. market.

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