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6 Salty Snack Debuts Populating Grocery Sets

New releases offer healthy-infused ingredients coupled with intense taste and flavor


Breakfast Cereals Continue to Fill Innovation Pipeline

Innovative flavors include Cinnabon Bakery, IHOP Mini Pancake, Stuffed Puffs and more

New rollouts span fruit-based, recovery, CBD-infused, cannabis, carbonated spritzers and protein shakes

New frozen and refrigerated foods span artisanal creations, exotic proteins, plant-based offerings and more

Dry cereal innovations add flexibility to in-line and end-cap grocery sets

Shelf-stable products can provide quick, inexpensive at-home meals

Bagged snacks, small ingredient lists and spicy varieties are growing

78% of people believe snacking can be a part of a healthy diet

71% of consumers report they mostly buy chocolate and candy at their primary grocery store, according to NCA.

Packaged treats continue to provide a viable option for cost-conscious consumers during a high inflation period

Frozen foods continue to ramp up the innovation pipeline across all dayparts and reflect multiple types of occasions.

Meals and snacks defined by fruit and veggie combos, salad bowls (with or without protein), and refrigerated dips/spreads are all at arm’s length for consumers seeking lighter eats during the summer season.

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