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Holiday candy arrivals coming out in full force

Including Elf-themed confections, Peeps, Cookie Dough and more


6 savory snack innovations

New arrivals feature unique tastes, textures and hybrid-oriented qualities

From toaster pastries and packaged cakes to sweet-infused popcorn and pet treats

With flavor-forward attributes often proving to be the top motivator for consumers when selecting adult beverages—from flavored malt to canned cocktails—manufacturers pumped innovation into the retail landscape this summer.

Including Limoncello Bites, fruit snacks, Pop-Tarts and more

June ice cream purchases were up 9.8% compared to the year prior, study says

Products include protein smoothies, oat milk and frozen pizza

New treats from Little Debbie, Entenmann’s Bakery and Hostess

Segment grew 15.6% in dollar sales, declined less than 1% in unit sales

Unlike several other retail channels, grocery has a chance to push packaged alcoholic beverage brands out the door within a captive audience-type advantage

Sales continued to be on fire in 2021 and 2022—despite a wide range of supply chain issues—and the momentum carried over into 2023 as supply issues improve

Featuring treats from Blue Bunny, Ben & Jerry’s, Halo Top, more

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