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The State of Grocery Economics

COVID disruption and an uncharted route back to normal could result in a wash on the bottom line, unless grocers prepare to evolve, the author says.


Are Delivery-Provider Marketplaces the Right Approach?

The benefits of convenience and rapid deployment of make it an attractive route for some grocers, but consider the options, the author says.

The rapid increase in e-commerce demand from the coronavirus crisis caught many grocery retailers off guard, but solutions are available, the author says.

The pandemic has sparked a pivotal moment for e-commerce adoption, but success requires agility and strategic investments right for the long haul, the author says.

COVID-19’s surging demand for digital options, including click-and-collect and delivery, is creating a historic moment in the grocery world. Now what?

Grocers must ensure third-party vendors are a good fit for their brand and business.