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Why grocers need to reconsider strategies for e-commerce success

Owning the curbside and in-store pickup experiences is a huge opportunity for grocers to regain control, improve their cost management and connect with their customers.


Investing in SNAP Payment Online Is Essential for Grocers

Updating digital infrastructure to accept SNAP represents an opportunity to attract new shoppers and build loyalty, but grocers must move quickly, the author says.

The holiday season will look different this year, including an expected rush in pickup orders that retailers should prepare for, the author says.

E-commerce success is about more than the underlying technology, the author says.

Ocado's first CFC in North America, in partnership with Canadian supermarket chain Sobeys, is a flexible and creative hit, the author says.

COVID disruption and an uncharted route back to normal could result in a wash on the bottom line, unless grocers prepare to evolve, the author says.