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Industry leaders identify 'forces of change' in grocery

Deloitte’s “The Future of Grocery Retail” report surveyed more than 800 industry leaders, economists, sociologists, policymakers and others over the last 18 months to gain a better understanding of the biggest factors shaping the industry.


Could a self-checkout tax be coming?

Large grocers and other retailers could pay $5,000 a year for each cashier-less checkout lane in Evanston, Illinois, if a city council member's new tax proposal passes.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in aid and resources are coming in from across the nation.

Misfits Market subsidiary partners with DRINKS to enable the alcoholic beverage e-commerce service.

Stock offering could come as soon as next month and would mark the e-commerce giant's second attempt at going public.

Grocery Tech Basket: Robomart is essentially a driverless grocery store on four wheels.

The retail giant is currently developing its own generative artificial intelligence language models and utilizing those developed by the broader tech community to make its supply chain more efficient.

The manufacturer-sponsored coupons apply to more than 15 brands, such as Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, Sanofi, Dexcom and Insulet, which produce a variety of related products like insulin vials, pens, continuous glucose monitors and pumps.

The grocer, which operates 17 locations in Illinois and Wisconsin, will use Birdzi’s shopper analytics platform across all its stores to analyze customer data.

Growing concerns by shoppers over sustainability have some grocers taking a closer look at their own environmental footprint.

The Asian grocery chain describes itself as “a place where you can immerse yourself in the rich culture and flavors of the Philippines and experience the warmth and hospitality of its people.”

Target, BJ’s and Sam’s Club saw year-over-year declines in July, but when compared to visits four years ago, their numbers were up, according to a new Placer.ai report.

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