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2022 Annual Report: Cheese Sees a Return to Balance

WGB’s annual report, with data and insights from IRI, examines how easing COVID-19 restrictions affected cheese’s performance in 2021—compared to its blockbuster year in 2020—and what to expect in the year ahead.


Grocers Big and Small Ramp Up Sustainable Packaging Efforts

Retailers are making good on pledges to offer more sustainable options.

From new regulations to more holistic views of sustainability, here are three top trends to watch in 2022.

Consumer demand is the driving force behind the eco-friendly packaging movement.

Industry research highlights the continued importance of planet-friendly options to grocers, CPGs and, of course, consumers.

Greenpeace USA ranks U.S. retailers based on their efforts to tackle the pollution crisis.

Both low/no-alcohol beverages and higher-end wine and spirits are trending as consumers embrace a return to more-normal holiday gatherings—and retailers are eager to meet consumers' thirst for an upgraded shopping experience.

Cereals and other morning favorites saw a pandemic rebound, but can they maintain the momentum?

Grocers breathe new life into this popular area of the store.

Consumers will retain new buying behaviors exhibited in the pandemic, which delivered a big boost to adult beverage sales and "trading up" at food outlets in 2020, experts say.

Shoppers seek an immunity boost from fruits and veggies.

As consumers seek human connections amid the pandemic, greeting cards are seen as a safe way to connect. Meanwhile, COVID has sparked the greatest cleaning frenzy in the home care industry has ever seen.

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