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A Company Makes a Smart Oven That Prepares Restaurant-Grade Meals From Pods

The Lempert Report: Genie receives funding to establish operations in the U.S.

An Israeli company, Genie, develops and markets smart ovens, which the company says can cook restaurant-grade meals in two to three minutes from pods containing freeze-dried foodstuffs. 

Genie also makes and markets the meal pods, made from fresh, dried ingredients without preservatives, artificial flavorings, colorings or additives. This startup is now just over 4-years-old and has just raised $10 million. 

Here’s how it works: a Genie oven scans a barcode on the meal pod and cooks each meal in a predetermined sequence of actions including heating, cooling, microwaving and steaming.

“Convenience, speed, and healthy eating are demanded by today’s lifestyles, and we developed the Genie food system to solve these demands by providing real, natural, delicious food quickly and easily,” Ayelet Carasso-Sternberg, CEO of Genie, said in a statement. 

In the statement, the company said it would use the funding to establish operations here in the U.S. Genie will launch with a selection of eight meals, including pasta Bolognese, chicken with broccoli in an Alfredo sauce, oatmeal with apples and cinnamon, and molten chocolate lava cake. 

Grocerants might just want to get in touch.


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