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PackIt Fresh Offers New Meal Kit Delivery Solution

EcoFreeze totes take on single-use packaging in retail foodservice transport
Photograph courtesy of PackIt Fresh

PackIt Fresh of Los Angeles is launching a new line of reusable, freezable totes that it says gives e-commerce grocery companies the edge they need to meet their customers’ sustainability demands in a cost-effective way.

American consumers are looking to the brands they buy to stop using single-use packaging, says PackIt Fresh, pointing to a 2020 McKinsey & Co. study that found 55% of respondents are extremely or very concerned about the environmental impact of product packaging. What’s more, the study found that 60% to 70% of those consumers would pay more for sustainable packaging.

“We want our products to do what they claim and make a difference. It’s what you should expect when you invest your trust and hard-earned money in something new,” reads the PackIt Fresh website. “We only want to create products that surprise you with their cleverness.”

PackIt Fresh totes offer a reusable, fully freezable packaging solution that reduces the amount of waste associated with these deliveries, the company asserts. The reusable and freezable totes come in several different sizes and offer custom configurations to meet different needs, including an EcoFreeze Tote, a freezable tote that collapses flat, stores overnight until frozen solid and can be packed full of frozen or refrigerated perishables, with food staying safe and fresh for up to 15 hours without additional ice or ice packs.

Other totes include the EcoFreeze Ultra Tote, offering a food-safe temperature environment for up to 24 hours; the EcoFreeze Tote Liner, which goes inside hard plastic crates to simplify staging and deliveries; and the Staging Tote, which features dual compartments for cold and ambient items.

Founded in 2009, PackIt LLC calls itself “the inventor of the world’s original freezable lunch bag.” In 2020, the company began designing custom solutions and products for the grocery and restaurant delivery industries.




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