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Using sustainable recyclable plastic merchandisers, fixtures and display products
Photograph courtesy of MasonWays

Gone are the days of costly cement and metal waste bins, aluminum dunnage racks and laminated wood bases that easily damage, rust or corrode. These materials cannot be recycled easily, thus adding to landfills. Today's grocers are instead looking for sustainable store merchandisers, bases, displays and fixtures. They want units that can be produced with eco-friendly recyclable materials. Polyethylene plastic can be recycled repeatedly and reused to create new products. Large collection programs with waste management and other municipalities have been established for recycling this material as well as for turning plastic waste into useful products such as benches, flooring, carpet, decks and more. Recycling provides opportunities to reduce waste requiring disposal.

Roto-molded plastics are the ideal material for point-of-purchase displays with few design limitations. Plastic is durable, has outstanding aesthetic properties, is super sanitary and is economically priced. Plastics are lightweight for shipping, can be color-matched to store interiors, with branding and graphics to hold just about any product at retail. Sustainable plastics create a richer buying experience for shoppers, and elevating a store's appearance with durable plastic units makes good sense. Used in high traffic areas, these plastics can also help the grocery supermarket industry with sanitation to assist against food-borne illnesses.

For over 35 years, MasonWays Indestructible Plastics has produced the largest selection of rotational molded, recycled plastic dunnage racks, bases and merchandiser display fixtures in North America. Their manufacturing process uses an advanced "no-seam" construction technology that is durable, increases consumer safety and is economically priced. With over 85 base sizes to choose from that are produced with substantial USDA approved recyclable materials, their displays improve merchandising with a refreshed presentation and organization, creating tighter inventory control with easy restocking effectiveness.

The Recycling Center, as seen in the lead image, is ideal for helping to improve the environment. Islands inform customers that  companies are doing their part to ensure a cleaner planet through recycling. Hooded tops prevent rain from entering the units, along with clearly marked icons which make it easy for the consumer to recycle. Side poster frames are available for developing co-op advertising programs to drive sales. Recycling Centers are produced with UV-protected, anti-microbial, USDA-approved polyethylene plastic, and are impervious to weather, chemicals, cleaners and salt.

The versatile dunnage rack line is manufactured from durable NSF- and USDA-approved plastics for use in coolers, refrigerators, freezers, back room storage and display, which helps to keep products off the floor and to prevent health department fines.

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