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Social Media’s Next Foray in Food Delivery

Jungle Creations launches delivery service Twisted London

Check out the full video from our new partner, supermarket guru Phil Lempert, here.

Jungle Creations has launched Twisted London, a food delivery service hosted through a Facebook page that will deliver across a 2-mile radius around the London capital with delivery partners Deliveroo and UberEats.

Twisted London’s Facebook followers watch videos of over 30 recipes on its menu, click a link in the comments and receive a specific meal within 30 minutes. And that’s just the start for a good idea. The company's CEO, Jamie Bolding, says he wants to launch hundreds of such businesses across the globe. 

Sure, the company wants the additional revenue, but its strategy goes beyond to build Twisted’s credibility in a crowded viral video space. Bolding told Digiday that the goal “is to make us a serious brand in the food space by delivering real-life experiences to people.” 

And it looks like it has the foundation to pull it off. Twisted’s recipe videos had 240 million Facebook views in September, according to Tubular Labs. Twisted London’s menu, featuring burgers, chicken wings, sundaes and salads, is still fusion, with items such as The Money Shot, a cheeseburger with panko-breaded applewood cheese; and the Fu Manchu burger, which comes with sweet-and-sour crispy beef and kimchi mayo. It even went one step further and designed the packaging to ensure food stays separate and the boxes fold into makeshift plates. 

Every three weeks, there are videos of new dishes, and fans vote for what gets added to the menu. 



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