Accurate Labeling Increases Customer Loyalty for Grocery Stores

Photograph: DayMark

In today’s fast-paced, on-the-go world, grocery shoppers have more expectations and increased options to choose from. No longer is it indulgent to purchase a prepackaged, ready-to-eat meal or snack. Grab-and-go food options have quickly become the norm throughout the food industry, with retailers looking for ways to set their business apart from the competition.

For grocery stores, presentation and nutrition are two important ways to compete with convenience stores and specialty food retailers. With plenty of room for item volume and attractive displays, grocery stores are able to provide a large variety of grab-and-go items that meet the demands of their shoppers.

Savvy grocery store retailers are also recognizing that seeking convenience doesn’t mean ignoring nutrition, with more shoppers paying attention to the type of foods and ingredients they are purchasing than ever before. Accurate nutrition labeling allows hurried customers to quickly identify ingredient and nutrition facts printed clearly on the label.

Shoppers want convenience as much as ever. However, having access to an item’s ingredients, nutritional information, prep instructions and “best if used by” dates before making a purchase is also important to them. One way for grocery stores to stay ahead of customer expectations (and the competition) is to use automated labeling software and menu and ingredient management systems such as the MenuPilot® kitchen automation platform from DayMark® Safety Systems.

DayMark’s system has the capacity to quickly make changes to the information on a customized grab-and-go label when necessary. DayMark pairs the system with the Matt85™, a Bluetooth-enabled direct thermal printer that allows for quick and easy label printing. With wireless technology, labels can be printed on demand, reducing label inventory and saving money.

In addition, DayMark partners with Nutritics to provide store operators with the ability to create accurate food labels by using an extensive database of ingredients to quickly build and manage ingredient lists and other data.

Given the intense, ongoing competition among grocery stores, coupled with shopper expectations, an investment in state-of-the-art technology for labeling can only help grow consumer loyalty. Delivering customer satisfaction for grab-and-go food items by providing a positive and informative shopping experience should guarantee a return visit.

This post is sponsored by DayMark Safety Systems