Brookshire Brothers Adds E-Commerce in East Texas

The 121-store retailer to debut 'Anywhere' service on Feb. 19

Brookshire Brothers, a 121-store retailer with locations throughout Texas and Louisiana, is entering the e-commerce arena this month with a new “Anywhere” on-demand shopping platform, which will give customers in its Lufkin, Texas-based home market to the option of picking up their groceries curbside or having them delivered.

The service will launch Feb. 19, officials said.

“Our customers will enjoy the ease of shopping their favorite store whenever they want from wherever they want,” John Alston, president and CEO, said in a statement. Brookshire Brothers' Anywhere, he continued, will boost the “in-store customer experience our shoppers are accustomed to,” while taking its personal service an “extra mile.”

Powered by Rosie’s e-commerce platform, customers can navigate by department, create custom grocery lists and use proprietary recommended items featured based on customers’ shopping habits on the retailer’s website. The platform also allows customers to interact with personal shoppers to specify preferences such as how green they want their bananas or how thick they like their steaks, as well as making note of substitutions.

“We’re inspired by the teamwork, dedication and pride of Brookshire Brothers’ long-tenured employee-owners, and we’re thrilled to enable them to become the most trusted, locally focused e-commerce provider in the communities they serve,” Rosie CEO Nick Nickitas said in a statement.


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