Destination Discount: 2020's Most Trusted

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Once BrandSpark layers in shopper penetration to the trust piece, the retailer rankings change dramatically, and most-shopped Walmart rises to the top. BrandSpark asked respondents to select all retailers they had shopped for grocery products in the past six months, and then to indicate which of those retailers they trust mostfor groceries.

“Walmart is the primary grocery destination of 3 in 10 Americans. Kroger is a distant second, visited most often by 10% of Americans, and Aldi follows as the primary destination for 5%,” says Philip Scrutton, BrandSpark’s VP Shopper Insights. Publix (4%) and Costco Wholesale (3%) round out the top five. “With 66% of grocery shoppers having visited Walmart in the prior half-year, no retailer is trusted for groceries by a greater proportion of Americans than Walmart,” he continues. “However, no retailer is trusted most by a larger share of its own shoppers than Publix.”

In the age of COVID, as shoppers go to the store less frequently, but buy more when they do, Walmart is also winning as a one-stop shop for value and selection. “A store like Aldi does exceptionally well on value, but underindexes Walmart on being a destination for all household needs,” Scrutton observes.

Grocery Retail Satisfaction

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“Grocers like Costco and Aldi are loved by millions of Americans but are less likely to be shoppers’ primary grocery destination, where they can get everything done in one trip to a single store,” Scrutton continues. “And while grocers like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Sprouts attract customers seeking items that are unique or exclusive to them, shoppers are typically doing the bulk of their grocery shopping elsewhere.”

However, BrandSpark further identified Publix and Trader Joe’s as markedly increasing their share of “most trusted” vs. “store shopped most often.” Under this lens, while 4% of respondents indicated they had shopped Publix the most for groceries in the past three months, 6% said they trusted Publix the most for groceries. As for Trader Joe’s, just 1% said they had shopped the retailer the most for groceries in the past three months, while 3% picked the Monrovia, Calif.-based retailer as their most trusted for groceries. “These stores are either value or quality leaders, or both,” says Scrutton.

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