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Across numerous categories including food and beverages, beauty products and, somewhat surprisingly, fresh prepared meals, Walmart is the leader on core category selection. Whole Foods Market’s strength goes beyond natural and organic food to broader trust as a provider of healthy, gourmet and international food products.

“Hy-Vee, Giant Eagle and Wegmans are among banners that did not have the national presence to feature in our overall results but are revealed here to be grocery leaders in their markets,” says Scrutton.

Walmart is also the clear leader in attracting online shoppers. Among online grocery shoppers, 49% ordered from Walmart in the past year. Amazon Fresh (12%) and Target (12%) follow distantly, but ahead of traditional grocers, with the exception of Kroger.

Most Trusted Grocer as a Destination for…

% of all past shoppers of the banner

Most Trusted U.S. Food Retailer - % Shoppers Nationally

Supermarket Shopped Most Often Over the Past 3 Months - % Shoppers Nationally

Most Shopped Online in Past Year

Top 20 by % of online grocery shoppers

Most Trusted for Grocery by Own Shoppers: In-Store vs. Online Shoppers

% Who Shopped in Past 6 Months

Although shoppers do not cite online ordering as a requirement for trust, omnichannel banner shoppers were more likely to cite the store as their most trusted. This was particularly true for Aldi. The relation was uniquely reversed for Amazon Fresh, where greater trust in the brand motivated shoppers to come to the store.

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