Food-at-Home Prices Soared 10% in March

Overall inflation hit 8.5%, in line with expectations
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Food-at-home inflation hit double digits in March, with the price of groceries rising 10% year over year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported April 12. 

As in February, price increases for food at home outpaced overall inflation, which came in at 8.5%, in line with analysts' expectations. The 10% surge in grocery prices was another 40-year high, squashing February's high-water mark of 8.6% and January's 7.4% increase. All six major food groups saw prices rise in March, according to the BLS.

On a month-to-month basis, food-at-home prices were up 1.5% in March, ahead of the 1.4% increase recorded in February over January 2022.

Among the biggest year-over-year price spikes seen in groceries in March:

  • Beef and veal, 16%
  • Bacon, 18.2%
  • Chicken, 13.4%
  • Milk, 13.3%
  • Citrus fruits, 19.5%
  • Fats and oils, 14.9%
  • Frozen and freeze-dried prepared foods, 14%

Food-away-from-home inflation over the past year also hit a 40-year high in March, with restaurant prices climbing 6.9% over the previous 12 months. However, month to month, inflation at restaurants decelerated last month, rising 0.3% from February. Limited-service restaurants saw their first month-to-month decline in prices since October 2018, the BLS reported. 

Elsewhere in the economy, the index for gasoline was up 18.3% in March from February and up 48% year over year. 



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