Giant Eagle Launches AdvantagePay at GetGo Gas Pumps

Retailer expands loyalty rewards program to allow customers to pay for gas using their Advantage card
Photograph courtesy of WGB Staff

Giant Eagle and its convenience-store subsidiary, GetGo, have expanded its loyalty rewards card to allow customers to pay for gas using their Advantage card.

The Pittsburgh-based retailer’s new AdvantagePay program launched this week and will offer extra discounts between 5 and 30 cents per gallon that can be combined with its Fuelperks+ benefits. Enrolled cardholders will be able to simply scan—and now pay—via their Advantage Card to get the instant fuel discount.

The discounted AdvantagePay price per gallon is posted at the top of the GetGo’s fuel price marquee. The discount price will vary, but it will always be less than the regular price of fuel, according to the company, which is offering an extra 30 cents per gallon discount for the first 60 days after customer's enroll.

“AdvantagePay will allow guests to see immediate, significant savings at the pump,” GetGo spokesperson Jannah Jablonowski said in a statement. “With gas prices on the rise and holiday travel season fast approaching, AdvantagePay is a simple and secure way to save on fuel costs.”Jablonowski said the program will give GetGo guests “access to substantial savings at the pump. With one scan of their Advantage Card, guests will receive the instant per gallon AdvantagePay discount of up to 30 cents in addition to their chosen Fuelperks+ benefit.”

The new payment platform will also give customers the option to stack their discounts “to get to a free tank faster by redeeming their Perks, which will be applied after the AdvantagePay discount, or to earn Perks for every gallon pumped.”

Customers will link their Advantage Cards to their checking accounts when they enroll  and will simply scan their card at the pump and input a personal four-digit code.  

Giant Eagle and GetGo tapped mobile payment and rewards technology provider ZipLine, based in Portland, Maine, to manage its loyalty payment program. 

The AdvantagePay program’s spending limits, which will vary by guest, include a $200 limit per 48-hour period, or $750 weekly. Up to seven transactions are permitted per day, up to $200.

When redeeming Fuelperks+ perks and using AdvantagePay, guests are limited to 30 gallons of fuel per single transaction. Guests still earn two perks for every gallon of gas bought through AdvantagePay, so long as perks are not being redeemed.

Giant Eagle operates 250 GetGo locations throughout western Pennsylvania, Ohio, northern West Virginia, Maryland and Indiana.


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