Go Grocer Opens New Location in Chicago's Logan Square Neighborhood

Retailer also signs a lease in a market outside the Windy City
Go Grocer
Photograph courtesy of Go Grocer

As the lights go out for ghost grocery operations, Chicago’s Go Grocera brick-and-mortar food retailer with ultrafast grocery delivery, is keeping the lights on—and growing.

Go Grocer co-founders Paul Stellatos and his brother Greg are the duo behind Go Grocer and with 15 physical locations in Chicago already, the company opened its newest location on June 6 at 2255 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. "This store will put us at 16 in Chicago," Paul told WGB in an email.

Drones, Uber and a growing roster of competitors have not hindered the Chicago-born convenience grocer duo. With more than 4,000 items to order for delivery in minutes, Go Grocer prides itself on “keeping our shelves stocked with a curated mix of products with an emphasis on supporting those in the communities we serve.

"Our app has had amazing growth and usage over the last six months," Paul said. "The app has several thousand items from fresh prepared foods to wines and spirits. 

The brothers founded Go Grocer with a simple mindset, according to the grocer's website: "To introduce our passion for wholesome and specialty products." Go Grocer's focus since its beginnings remains building from the store up rather than from the app down“We started by building our stores first, whereas these rapid delivery services, they built their app first and are now searching for locations,” Paul previously said.

Although founded in 2008, fast forward to today, and Go Grocer said it is still on the go.

"We have signed a lease in a market outside Chicago, which we will be announcing soon and opening a few more stores here in our backyard of Chicago," said Paul.



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