H-E-B Creates $1 Million Fund to Address Racial Injustice

President Craig Boyan announces campaign on Facebook
Photograph: Shutterstock

This past weekend, protests over the recent death of unarmed George Floyd in Minneapolis went global. From France to Germany to New Zealand and other countries around the world, protesters turned out in an effort to communicate a message of solidarity.

Back in the U.S., and on behalf of the state of Texas, H-E-B is putting its money where its mouth is to stand up against racial injustice and inequality.

“The recent events that have unfolded over these last few weeks have weighted heavily on my mind and the minds of all our H-E-B family as it has for so many Americans across the country,” said H-E-B President Craig Boyan in a video recently posted to Facebook.

“H-E-B was founded 115 years ago on the unwavering belief that each and every person counts,” continued Boyan. “Treating all people with dignity and respect is at the core of what unites us. We must all take a stand to against what happened to George Floyd and so many other black lives throughout history. We stand together with the black community against the divisive nature of racism, intolerance discrimination and hate.”

craig boyan
Craig Boyan

While San Antonio-based H-E-B strives to be a purpose-driven company that has sought to create good jobs and career opportunities for everyone, Boyan said, more is needed.

“We know that words are not enough. Real change is rooted in action. In this light, we are creating a $1 million fund to advance this conversation and address racial inequities and injustice in our communities. We are also starting an online donation campaign.” The people of Texas and around the world can go to H-E-B’s website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more.

“In times of crisis, as always, we must challenge ourselves to seek what we can all do to ensure that each and every person counts,” Boyan said. “Fellow Texans, together we have the power to make real change and help make this a better world for everyone.”

Those interested in donating to the fund can do so here



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