Heinen’s ‘Pharmacy of the Future’

Builds store-within-a-store concept, expands health and wellness loyalty club
Photograph courtesy of Heinen's

Heinen’s is on a mission to promote better health for its shoppers. The Warrensville Heights, Ohio-based grocer has launched a health and wellness program called Club Fx for all loyalty club members. The club will expand further with a store-within-a-store concept slated to open later this month.

“It’s a free membership geared toward customers who want to improve their health,” said Jamie Cole, Club Fx program manager. Club Fx launched in February, and 15,000 people are already signed up.

Members receive a weekly email with a nutrition tip, a healthy recipe and a deep discount on a product, all linked by a theme, such as fiber.

Through Club Fx the stores also offer free services with a wellness consultant. These include a 30-minute session to discuss any aspect of health and wellness or a cart check.

There are seven pillars to the Club Fx program, which include Eat the Rainbow; Eat Whole Grains; and Be Mindful of Salt and Sugar. Based on these pillars, Heinen’s has established the Top 100 Fx products, which are highlighted through the stores in every category “to make it easy for people to shop,” Cole said.

Then, every quarter, top Club Fx customers are rewarded with a coupon for an Fx product. The first reward was sent to 2,500 customers.

Club Fx also offers paid services: Personalized nutrition counseling or pantry checks. For the latter, customers take photos of their pantry or fridge, and the company dietitians make recommendations of what to add, reduce or replace.

Heinen’s launched Club Fx with email and social media messaging and in-store signage. The company is now expanding the program, largely through a new building of a store-within-a store at the company’s Mayfield Village store, which will open at the end of June.

This will have a personalized nutrition center, home base for the company’s registered dietitians, and a Fx robot vending healthy bowls and salads. Heinen’s will shift its paid Club Fx appointments to in-person (from virtual) at this store and will roll out some medical services, including a blood panel to look at health issues such as immunity, digestion and cardiovascular risks; and nutritional IVs for customers who need a boost in vitamin D or antioxidants, for example.

“We see ourselves as the pharmacy of the future,” Cole said.

Cole expects to sign up more Club Fx members going forward and has been pleased to see high engagement on the weekly emails she sends out. “I see how many are being opened, how many people click through to the blog, how many click through to the recipe, and that lights me up. That validates that we are putting out the right information," she said. 


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