How breakroom amenities can support employee recruitment and retention

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While some industries saw sales take a hit after the pandemic’s onset, supermarkets saw the opposite. This increase in sales, in addition to expanding demand for online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery, naturally increased retailers’ need for labor to keep shelves stocked and customers happy.

While 2021 promises a steadier market, grocery sales are likely to remain heightened compared to before the pandemic, and other services from the supermarket continue to expand as well. Supermarket Newspredicts that consumers will continue to prefer eating at home rather than at restaurants, and according to Technomic’s Q1 2021 Beyond Restaurant Insights report, supermarket foodservice sales remain strong, accounting for nearly 55% of the retail foodservice market.

With consumer demand remaining high and with off-premise services likely to remain an expectation, many grocers are looking to build up their labor force.

This, however, can be easier said than done. To compete for top talent, supermarkets can employ some best practices to recruit and retain talent. Here are some key strategies.

Enhance training techniques

Efficient, effective training is a shared priority for retailers and their employees alike. Grocers need skilled employees to keep operations running smoothly and enhance customer experiences, and employees look to the quality of training when evaluating their job satisfaction. According to Technomic’s 2019 Employee Engagement: Winning the War for Talent report, 25% of employees say they are not satisfied with the format and amount of both orientation training and ongoing training.

So how can retailers improve their training methods?

Using televisions in the back-of-house can improve training in a number of ways. TVs can help communicate concise information while keeping employees engaged. And, even more, as many grocers find themselves onboarding multiple employees at once, using a TV screen rather than a computer monitor, for example, allows retailers to offer clear training in a comfortable environment for multiple new recruits.

Promote relaxation off the clock

Beyond core training strategies, breakroom televisions can also help employees relax and connect as they enjoy a break from work. Technomic’s Employee Engagement report found that employees highly value a fun work environment where they feel appreciated, and breakroom TVs can help bring employees together and boost rapport between new and seasoned employees alike.

Building a dependable workforce is crucial to the success of any supermarket, and offering tools for better training and amenities in the breakroom can be a great way to do it. DIRECTV for BUSINESS is tailored to a retailer’s needs, offering world-class entertainment solutions and a user-friendly experience to help grocery stores optimize and enhance their operations. To learn more, click here.

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