Hy-Vee Announces Launch of Nationwide Subsidiary RedBox Rx

Offers healthcare options shipped directly to homes
Hy-Vee RedBox Rx
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Starting today, Hy-Vee shoppers looking for more affordable healthcare can turn to RedBox Rx, a provider of low-cost telehealth and online pharmacy services throughout the U.S.

“At Hy-Vee, we pride ourselves on being experts in health and wellness and it’s a major component of what we do every day—whether it be in our retail pharmacies or through our dietetic services,” said Hy-Vee Chairman and CEO Randy Edeker, in a statement. “In today’s world, we know that more people are looking for quick, convenient and personalized healthcare options that can be shipped directly to their homes, and RedBox Rx does exactly that.”

RedBox Rx invites people to seek treatment through fast and discreet access to a provider who can prescribe prescription medication that is then shipped at no cost directly to the patient. Fees range from free to $39, depending on the type of treatment and are provided via a partnership with Reliant Immune Diagnostics’ MDbox platform that integrates with RedBox Rx.

The low-cost service bypasses insurance in order to keep prices low and allow for less hassle, a release issued by Hy-Vee explained. Open to patients ages 18 and older nationwide, a list of conditions that it treats can be found at

"Our mission at Reliant Immune Diagnostics with our MDbox platform is to provide affordable healthcare any place, any time,” said Henry Legere, founder and CEO of Reliant Immune Diagnostics. “We’re excited to partner with Hy-Vee to provide our nationwide network of 24/7/365 medical professionals and our technologies to support their vision for the future of healthcare."

RedBox Rx can also be a no-cost/alternative healthcare option for employers seeking to provide employees with more options.

Hy-Vee Inc. is an employee-owned corporation operating more than 285 retail stores across eight Midwestern states with sales of more than $12 billion annually.



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