Kroger Accelerates Unmanned Grocery Delivery in Houston

Retailer continues to build on its anything, anytime, anywhere commitment
Photograph: Shutterstock

Cincinnati-based Kroger Co. is expanding its partnership with Nuro to further their shared vision of the future of goods delivery with the introduction of Nuro's third-generation autonomous delivery vehicle.

"Our expanded collaboration with Nuro supports Kroger's commitment to provide fresh food, at a great value–all without asking our customers to compromise," said Yael Cosset, Kroger's SVP and chief information officer. "The role of autonomous vehicles in our seamless ecosystem continues to increase, contributing to meeting our customers in the context of their day without compromising on the quality or value, while contributing to our long-term growth and sustainability goals."

In 2018, the two companies partnered to deliver fresh groceries with all-electric, autonomous vehicles.

Laura Gump, president of Houston's Kroger division, said in a statement that the retailer is excited to expand its “collaboration with Nuro here in Houston, one of the largest cities in the U.S. Our associates, customers and city embrace innovation and we are thrilled to be able to soon provide this enterprising grocery delivery service to even more shoppers across the region."

Winsight Grocery Business reached out to Kroger to determine when vehicles would hit the streets, and a spokesperson for the retailer said: "We are working closely with Nuro on a more detailed timeline to begin using the third-generation vehicles in the Houston region. It’s worth noting that we have successfully completed tens of thousands of deliveries leveraging the company’s self-driving Toyota Prius fleet with safety drivers."

Leveraging Nuro's new third-generation vehicles, Kroger said it will continue to grow its digital offerings in Houston, which allows the retailer to build upon its commitment to anything, anytime, anywhere as well as its commitment to lowering its corporate greenhouse gas emissions.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Nuro said in a statement its “vehicle offers a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to driving and has the potential to make streets safer and cities more livable.”

"We are thrilled to expand our longstanding strategic partnership with Kroger and further our shared vision for the future of goods delivery," said Dave Ferguson, Nuro co-founder and president. "We look forward to leveraging our third-generation, and most advanced, autonomous vehicle to date to continue to build on the success of this program."

Nuro has piloted autonomous local delivery for communities in Texas, Arizona and California—for less driving and more thriving.



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