Kroger Predicts Top Food Trends of 2019

Analysis reveals overall move toward wellness in coming year
Photograph: Shutterstock

Kroger has revealed its predictions for food trends that will steer the market in 2019.

The retailer teamed up with its private brand developers, chefs and innovators to gain insight into which attributes are poised to be most desirable to consumers in the coming year. 

Many of these trends line up with the "mega-trends" Kroger revealed at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Food Forward event earlier this month, in which the retailer also revealed the launch of its Peculiar Picks ugly produce program. 

Predictions include:

1. Regional Flavors

Consumers can expect to see more products inspired by U.S. regional as well as global flavors, from regional barbecue sauces to potato chips inspired by the likes of Nashville hot chicken and Southern Appalachian pimento cheese, according to Kroger officials. 

2. Plant-Based Foods

As more consumers make an effort to incorporate plant-based options into their diets, whether they are vegetarian or flexitarian, eating meat-free more often or on certain occasions, an increasing number of these items are expected to pop up on shelves in 2019. 

3. Eating Styles

According to Kroger officials, more of its customers are purchasing better-for-you products and subscribing to diet styles such as vegetarian, flexitarian, keto and paleo. In response, the retailer plans to innovate new products that make living these lifestyles easier.

4. Gut-Healthy Foods

Kroger officials shared that more consumers are seeking foods that support self-care and healthy immune systems more than ever before, leading to an uptick in demand for products rich in probiotics. 

5. Low-Sugar and Natural Sweeteners

Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce or eliminate sugar from their diets with alternate sweeteners such as honey and agave, spurring the innovation of new solutions that are flavorful yet low in sugar. 


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