Most shoppers prefer buying groceries in-store, survey says

Consumers say they'd rather shop in-store because they do not trust someone else picking out their grocery items, according to new data from Kroger-backed data firm 84.51°.
grocery shopping  trends
Grocers are sticking to in-store shopping according to 84.51°. / Photo courtesy: Shutterstock

Shoppers entered 2023 having to drag high food prices with them, with egg prices soaring more than 225% in December over the year before. 

With those high prices, consumers apparently want to make sure they're the ones doing the grocery picking, according to new research from 84.51°, the Cincinnati-based Kroger-owned data and media company.

In its January Consumer Digest, the research firm reported that 78% of shoppers plan to shop in-store most often for their upcoming month’s groceries and household items and those ages 45-plus are planning to shop in-store significantly more so than those ages 18-34.

When it comes to online shopping, 11% will order their groceries and household items online to have them delivered to their home, the survey said. This is one percent higher than shoppers who will use online ordering for pickup at the store (or other designated location) most often.

So, what is causing shoppers to flock to stores for their groceries? Trust.

 In fact, 46% of shoppers claim to shop in-store because they do not trust someone else picking out their grocery products for them, 84.51° reported.

A trend for 2023 will see grocery retailers ramp up the in-store experience, especially around foodservice. These additions might be driving online shoppers to return to brick-and-mortar shopping as well.

When asked how much online grocery shopping consumers anticipate doing in 2023 versus last year, 84.51° reported that 14% said they will do less online grocery shopping this year than they did last year.

Another driver pushing shoppers in-store is price, as well as sales and promotions. When asked about the ways they shop for groceries, almost half (44% of in-store shoppers) said to save money and 48% said for the sales and promotions, 84.51° reported.



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