Natural Grocers Launches Free 21-Day Health Program

In-person and virtual series available to community from Jan. 24 to Feb. 13
Natural Grocers
Photograph courtesy of Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers is expanding its community programming with the launch of its first 21 Days to a Healthier You series, available in-person and virtually from Jan. 24 to Feb. 13. The three-week class series, each with an accompanying seven-day challenge, is a free program developed by the company’s nutrition education experts.

Based on Natural Grocers’ nutrition philosophy, the program focuses on the basics of wellness such as cleaning up one’s diet, achieving healthy blood sugar balance, and detoxifying the healthy way, the company said.

Customers who attend the in-person or live virtual series led by Natural Grocers’ nutritional health coaches will receive a $5 coupon per class and a customized coupon book for Natural Grocers Brand products selected to support participants in accomplishing each challenge.

Whether it’s energy levels, mental clarity, healthy body composition, a positive mood, digestive or skin health, the 21 Days to a Healthier You series helps customers achieve their goals and form healthy habits that last a lifetime, said the Lakewood, Colo.-based company, which recommends taking classes as a complete three-step series, including challenges that help participants turn what they have learned into action.

The three-step challenge includes:

Step 1—Eat for Health and Vitality (Jan. 24–30)
 Eat to the healthy meal wheel
Eating for health and vitality is the first step to achieving optimal wellness, Natural Grocers said. Its Nutritional Health Coaches will unpack what healthy eating really means and provide insights into the foundational principles of building balanced and delicious meals. Consumers can discover how to read food labels, the foundational supplements that complement a healthy diet, and the importance of stress management and being active.

Step 2—Kick Sugar Cravings (Jan. 31-Feb. 6)
Avoid added sugars

Blood sugar levels throughout the day and over time have a major impact on health, say the nutritional health coaches at Natural Grocers. Fortunately, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can be easily achieved through diet, lifestyle and supplements. Consumers can learn the many ways that blood sugar impacts health and take the steps necessary to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Step 3—Detoxify Your Life (Feb. 7-Feb. 13)
Detoxify home and body
The planet is polluted, said Natural Grocers. It’s made up of some 80,000 chemicals, most of which did not exist 70 years ago. While there is no way to completely escape these chemicals, there are two options that help mitigate their impact. One: reduce exposure. Two: enhance the body’s ability to detoxify them. Consumers are invited to discover the benefits of daily detoxification and how simple changes can make a big difference.

How to Attend

So that Natural Grocers community members can participate no matter their local COVID-19 restrictions, different attendance options are offered:

1. See You There: Join live in-store classes led by Natural Grocer’s local nutritional health coaches.

2. Virtual, In Real-Time: Sign up for live virtual classes with Natural Grocer’s nutritional health coaches.

A weekly nationwide recording of each class will be taught by a Natural Grocer’s nutritional health coach or nutrition expert. The virtual classes will be hosted on Natural Grocers’ website and premiere each Wednesday, starting on Jan. 26, at 6 p.m. MT.

Founded in 1955, Natural Grocers has 162 stores in 20 states.



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