Natural Grocers’ Race Against Time

Petitions to end daylight saving time in the name of heart health
Natural Grocers Cow
Photograph courtesy of Natural Grocers

Known for its wellness education, supplements and organic food, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage is now on a mission to end daylight saving time (DST) in support of heart health. The Lakewood, Colo.-based grocer is asking shoppers to join “America’s Nutrition Education Expert” in signing the petition to end DST on March 7.

Citing a 2014 study linking DST and a rise in myocardial infarctions, Natural Grocers says there’s a nearly 25% increase in the number of heart attacks on the Monday following DST compared to all other Mondays throughout the year.

“We take all aspects of health seriously at Natural Grocers, and we understand that even the slightest change to our routines can have an impact on our well-being,” Natural Grocers co-President Kemper Isely said in a statement. “By removing twice-yearly time changes and supporting heart health, we will be one step closer to our mission of creating a healthier country.”

The petition to end DST calls for one standard time all year long. The petition asks Congress to amend the Uniform Time Act of 1966 (amended by the Energy Policy Act of 2005), which sets the time for the entire country and allow states the ability to opt in or out.

On March 7, the day before time is set to spring forward, Natural Grocers will host free “Hack Your Coffee” pop-up bars at its 156 stores in 20 states across the country. The bars will feature tips and tricks to add health-boosting ingredients, such as collagen peptides, MCT oil and cardamom, to a cup of coffee.

Natural Grocers invites shoppers attending the in-store festivities at all stores that day to enter a drawing to win a free year of Natural Grocers brand organic coffee. The retailer is also offering its Npower loyalty program members special offers of up to 40% off select items, including Kerrygold Pure Irish Butters, Nature’s Life Coconut MCT Powder, Organic Valley Ghee and Natural Grocers Brand Hydro Flasks.

Natural Grocers’ loyalty program is free to join and offers exclusive discounts, digital coupons, rewards benefits and other members-only features.


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