Natural Grocers Talks Exclusive Turkey Partnership

Launches video to tease five bird types available for pre-order
Photographs courtesy of Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers is getting a head start on Thanksgiving with the launch of a new and entertaining video to promote the Lakewood, Colo.-based retailer’s exclusive partnership with Mary’s Free-Range Turkey. The “Let’s Talk Turkey” video spotlights the five types of Mary’s Turkeys customers can now pre-order at Natural Grocers.

NGVC turkey

Created to educate customers and help them to select the right bird for the big day, the 13-minute video, written, directed and produced by Natural Grocers, features actors dressed as Mary’s Turkeys, including Olivia Vital (an organic turkey), Freeda Footloose (a free-range turkey), and Bay Salty (a brined turkey), in a conversation with Director Henry Heirloom (a heritage turkey) as they prep for their Natural Grocers commercial debut. Conveniently, Heirloom turns into an organic bone-in turkey for those planning for a smaller group this holiday season.

Plant-based patrons are not left out of the fun. Later in the short, Terra Beanie (representing the Tofurky brand, and not available for pre-order) makes a cameo as the perfect option for vegans.

As education is always on the menu at Natural Grocers, the retailer is teaching its customers about how Mary’s Turkeys fits into its quality standards. Since 1954, “the company has been dedicated to humane and sustainable farming practices, emphasizing quality over quantity and prioritizing animal welfare over everything else,” says Natural Grocers.

Mary’s Turkeys adhere to the same standards as Natural Grocers, including no antibiotics or ionophores, Non-GMO Project Verified, free range (2.4 square feet, or greater, per bird), fed a non-GMO vegetarian diet, no additives (MSG, salt, basting solutions), no preservatives, no added hormones or other growth promotants, gluten-free and raised in the USA.

In addition to these standards, Natural Grocers’ behind-the-scenes parody video delivers insights into the unique benefits of each type of Mary’s Turkey, and why they are the best option for any Thanksgiving gathering—no matter the size or budget:

1. Heritage: Descendants of the original American turkey, perfect for foodies

2. Organic: Extraordinary quality at an affordable price

3. Non-GMO: Best value for exceptional quality

4. Brined: Cooking made easy

5. Breast: Good option for smaller gatherings

6. Tofurkey: One of the many available turkey alternatives

Mary’s Turkey is available now for pre-order at all Natural Grocers stores and online for in-store pickup. Customers can visit Natural Grocer's Thanksgiving website to watch the video, pre-order turkey and learn about Mary’s Free-Range Turkey offerings.


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