Natural Grocers Turns One-Stop Shop This Holiday Season

Rolls out more than 100 ‘incredible bargains’ to entice shoppers
Photograph courtesy of Natural Grocers

In an effort to compete with e-commerce steals and low-price leaders this holiday season, Natural Grocers has expanded its annual Holly Deals with special savings—including up to 51% off regular prices—on more than 100 products in four seasonal categories from Dec. 12-24.

“Natural Grocers is making it possible to do all holiday shopping in one place,” the Lakewood, Colo.-based retailer said. Its Holly Deals are available in four seasonal categories: gifts for all; stocking stuffers (including special treats for family pets); high-quality baking and cooking ingredients; and party foods. 

“2020 has been a hard year for so many people, and we hope this year’s Holly Deals make it a little easier for our communities to bring cheer to everyone in their holiday orbit, whether they are celebrating in person or virtually,” Natural Grocers Co-President Kemper Isely said in a statement. “We increased the savings on items across multiple departments and made them available for longer, making these 'good4u' products even more affordable. Due to our robust COVID-19-related health and safety protocols, we are able to offer a clean and safe-as-possible shopping environment.”

With regard to gifts and stocking stuffers, while Natural Grocers is perhaps best known for its 100% organic produce, the retailer also features extensive health and beauty and general merchandise departments that can be shopped for presents and stocking stuffers. Gift givers can choose from a variety of self-care products, eco-friendly home goods, and chemical-free body care products.

When it comes to baking and cooking, Natural Grocers offers an array of ingredients fit for feasts, ranging from the traditional to vegan, paleo and keto. Home chefs and bakers will have the opportunity to save on staples and luxury items from fair trade chocolate chips and organic frozen fruit to artisanal avocado oil and slow-simmered cooking broths.

The parties this year may be small, but Natural Grocers is hoping to make them just as festive as a big bash, with a host of Holly Deals party food, including sweet and savory treats such as grain-free tortilla chips, small-batch hummus and sparkling holiday fruit-juice blends.

Additionally, local food bank donations—a companywide program throughout the year—will continue during the holiday season. Customers will have the opportunity to donate $1, $5, or $10 at the register until Dec. 31, and Natural Grocers will continue its ongoing 5-cent donation every time customers purchase a reusable bag or bring their own.

These donations will help meet the growing needs of community members experiencing food insecurity by providing neighbors with healthful food and quality essentials at affordable prices via Natural Grocers gift cards.


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