Omnichannel for the Win: Aligning Digital and Physical Storefronts

A robust digital presence is important for engaging all customers — not just those ordering online.

Now more than ever, search habits, social media influences and online advertising are driving shoppers’ decisions at the grocery store. For retailers, creating a seamless experience across both physical and digital touchpoints is essential to driving purchases across the store, including at the meat case.

Perfecting the omnichannel experience means going beyond the physical store; grocers should seek out brands engaging consumers — however they choose to browse.

The e-commerce grocery market keeps growing, even as pandemic-related influences on the market fade out.

Shoppers’ fulfillment preferences are set to remain divided across channels.


Quality and convenience are in demand.

Symphony RetailAI reports a loss of potential sales for retailers missing key quality and value items.


Social media is influencing what consumers cook — and what they shop for.

Shoppable recipes offer inspiration.

Omnichannel customers show higher loyalty retention and upgrade rates, making them a worthwhile demographic to target.

Tyson Foods partners with retailers to showcase branded products and shoppable recipes across social media — via livestreams; social commerce pages; Pinterest and recipe sites; and more.

This post is sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc.