Raley's Reduces Candy Temptations at Checkout

Retailer hopes to convey that sugary sweets should be viewed as a treat, not a snack
Photograph courtesy of Raley's

Raley's is taking another step toward healthier checkout lanes by reducing its candy offerings by 25% and replacing them with better-for-you snacks. 

The retailer has already been offering "candy free" checkout lanes for a few years and eliminated sugar-sweetened soda from its checkout, along with offering free fruit to kids as they shop with their parents, but the new move will revamp the entire checkout section. 

According to company officials, the initiative is an effort to reinforce the idea that sugary items should be viewed as a treat since impulse buys often happen during checkout. As such, each new item in Raley's checkout lanes will be selected with portion control in mind and will include items such as protein-focused snacks, lower-calorie sweets and foods that register as nutrient-dense on Raley's Shelf Guide standards.

Additionally, the checkout stands will focus on lesser-known brands that boast cleaner ingredient lists. 

“We want to make it easier for our customers to make better choices for their personal health journey,” said Keith Knopf, Raley’s president. “We are already seeing customers respond favorably to our improved offering, which supports their ability to act on their own intentions and choose to eat well – whether they’re filling their carts or grabbing a quick bite.”

Some of the check stand offerings will include: bars (KIND, Clif, Tahoe Trail); smaller packaging candy (Chocolove, Bark Thins, Justin’s); chips; beef jerky; nuts (Blue Diamond); gum and mints; and snack alternatives such as seaweed, rice bars, and olives.


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