Raley’s Refreshes Private Label Program Around Transparency

Updates include new design, expansion of Purely Made offerings
Raley's Private Label Program
Photograph courtesy of Raley's

Raley’s Family of Fine Stores has relaunched its private label program to offer additional clean-label products, enhanced transparency and a design refresh across the Raley’s, Raley’s Purely Made and Nob Hill Trading Co. brands.

Along with the new packaging, which the retailer said was designed to convey value and quality while touting the Raley’s name and logo, the company introduced additional standards for its private label lines to provide high-quality products that are in line with Raley’s wellness direction.  

Raley’s Purely Made products are less processed, organic when possible and free from more items featured on the company’s banned ingredient list, including more than 100 artificial preservatives and ingredients, according to a statement.

Adhering to modern research and industry standards, the company updated its banned ingredient list to include items like carrageenan, an FDA-approved additive, and applied these standards to products ranging from packaged goods to fresh items such as meat, seafood and produce.

“The Purely Made brand standards were very carefully crafted,” Yvette Waters, Raley’s nutrition strategist and brand influencer, said in a statement. “We thoroughly reviewed the most up-to-date product ingredient research, customer demands and legislation around certain ingredients before setting on our standards.”

According to Nielsen data, 59% of grocery shoppers struggle to understand nutrition facts. To help combat this, Raley’s hired Waters last summer to support education on products and nutritional content. The retailer also recently launched a new video series, “Minute With Mike Teel,” in which Raley’s owner and chairman discusses hotly debated food topics to inform consumers and help them make healthy food-purchasing decisions.

Raley’s also updated the nutrition label on all relaunched private label products to include the updated FDA nutrition facts panel, which standardizes serving size and offers deeper transparency around added sugar. The retailer’s Purely Made line also calls out key attributes on the packaging, including non-GMO, no artificial ingredients and gluten-free.

The company also recently eliminated private label cereals with more than 25% added sugar. Previously, Raley’s discontinued production of private label soda with high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors.

“We will continue to eliminate SKUs that do not meet our requirements and standards,” said Paul Gianetto, SVP, sales and merchandising, Raley’s. “With our investment in our Raley’s brands, we are showing our customers that we can be trusted to be mindful of ingredients, proudly transparent and passionate about quality.”


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