Raley’s Store 'Rocks' Community Engagement

Retailer taps local rock-hunting movement for new in-store promotion
Photograph: Shutterstock

If there’s one thing brick-and-mortar grocery stores have on digital competitors, it’s the ability to create personal experiences and engagement with the local community.

Fernley Raley’s, part of Raley’s Family of Fine Stores, is on a mission to do just that. The retailer, at 1400 U.S. Highway 95A North in Fernley, Nev., recently launched a new rock-hunting challenge designed to engage children in the community and draw families in-store.

Team members at Fernley Raley’s are painting pictures on rocks and hiding them in nearby parks, inspiring children to embark on an outdoor scavenger hunt. Once found, the winners can bring the rock in-store to redeem for the picture painted on top, featuring items like a flower, piece of fruit or cupcake.

“The intent is to pay it forward and offer a cheerful message and inspiration to kids in the area,” said Chelsea Minor, director of PR and public affairs for West Sacramento, Calif.-based Raley’s. “As a family-owned business, Raley’s is proud to be a community partner. This is just another way we show our engagement and commitment to the community.”

Developed by a team member from the store’s floral department, the promotion stems from a local activity called Fernley Rocks, in which children decorate rocks to hide in the area and provide clues for others to find them. The movement began about two years ago, and it has more than 1,000 members on its Facebook page.

Fernley Raley’s plans to continue the promotion year-round, offering different items to be redeemed throughout the seasons, such as a free pumpkin in October and a turkey in November.

“Customers and community have responded positively to our community engagement,” said Minor. “Our store team members have awareness of their community needs and are constantly looking for ways to connect in a meaningful way.”


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