SpartanNash Seeks Fewer Fleet Miles for Lower Emissions in 2022

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer and wholesaler looks to eliminate 10,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions
SpartanNash truck
Photograph courtesy of SpartanNash

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based SpartanNash said it will cut its fleet mileage by more than 7 million miles, or about 10%, in 2022 as the company looks to reduce its carbon footprint. 

In a news release Thursday, the retailer and wholesaler said the move will keep nearly 10,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions out of the air and support the company's goal of providing faster, fresher and more cost-effective deliveries for retail customers.   

“Network optimization is a key component of our supply chain transformation initiative as well as an opportunity to make significant progress with regard to our ESG (environmental, social and governance) journey,” said SpartanNash SVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer David Petko. “When food is traveling fewer miles, everyone wins–our customers, our consumers and our planet.” 

SpartanNash said that to drive operational efficiency throughout the supply chain, it is forming alliances with logistics partners to ensure timely service for its shoppers. Driving down this consumption of gasoline will generate savings of 1 million gallons of diesel annually, the company said. 

The initiative furthers SpartanNash's commitment to addressing ESG priorities, according to the company. In November 2020, the company published a vendor code of conduct stressing accountability and adherence to its core values and ESG-forward practices. Last month, SpartanNash published its own human rights policy further.  

“Making progress against our ESG objectives is a companywide priority going into 2022,” said SpartanNash President and CEO Tony Sarsam. “SpartanNash’s  mission is to deliver the ingredients for a better life, and we are committed to doing that as responsibly and sustainably as possible for the customers and communities we serve.” 


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