Topco, Label Insight to Help Member Retailers Customize Transparency

Expansion of existing partnership provides new product search tools
Photo courtesy of GMA

Topco Associates LLC is working with Label Insight to provide customized tools to help its 49 member-owners boost transparency in their stores.

An expansion of the companies’ year-old partnership, the new program will allow store shoppers to search and filter on e-commerce and product search programs using both standard and custom product attributes that are selected by individual retailers based on their customers’ needs.

For example, a retailer wishing to promote humanely sourced products can add a custom attribute function identifying products as animal welfare and wildlife conscious, or can create a tool to highlight products that are non-GMO or gluten-free.

‎Randy Skoda, president and CEO of ‎Topco, Elk Grove Village, Ill., called the attribute customization offering “truly groundbreaking in that it enables Topco members to more effectively guide shoppers to the products they want in the store and online.”

“Not only does the platform offer thousands of standard attributes, the data within it can be leveraged to customize attributes so Topco members,” he said.

The partnership with Label Insight, Chicago, also includes SmartLabel pages for Topco brand products. This feature adds the private label products to Label Insight’s data set, helping to inform consumers about the items’ nutrient and ingredient composition.

Ronak Sheth, CEO of Label Insight, praised Topco for “leading the way in providing their member-owners the tools to deliver on transparency with their customers.”

“Now, we are thrilled to take our partnership to the next level by helping Topco support its members with customized attributes that meet consumer demands for more personalized information,” he said.


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