Trust By Store Type

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Just as Walmart is the most trusted grocery store for more American shoppers than any other, cited by 22%, another story of trust emerges with a look at which stores are trusted by the most shoppers across formats.

Kroger and Walmart tied for Most Trusted in the traditional grocery store category, finds BrandSpark. Among discount and small format stores, Aldi is cited as Most Trusted by the greatest share of shoppers. For natural grocery products Whole Foods Market is most trusted. With both adding fresh grocery items in 2021, Dollar General and Dollar Tree tie as the most trusted dollar stores nationally. In the c-store space, 7-Eleven takes top honors.

Shopper Penetration & Trust Among Own Shoppers

Most Trusted Retailer by Store Format % Write-In Citations Among All Shoppers

Stores cited by 10% or more shoppers

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