Turning Receipts Into Omnichannel Strategy

New checkout coupon program provides path to personalization
Photograph courtesy Southeastern Grocers

A coupon marketing technology used by Southeastern Grocers is evolving into a hub to deepen the digital relationship between the retailer and its shoppers, blazing a new path to personalization and revenue opportunities through receipts, sources say.

The Jacksonville, Fla.-based operator of the Winn-Dixie and Fresco Y Mas brands is accomplishing this through two U.K.-based software providers: Ecrebo, which manages receipt marketing; and Eagle Eye Solutions, the digital marketing platform led by Tim Mason, the former Tesco executive and CEO of its U.S. retail concept, Fresh & Easy. Southeastern engaged Eagle Eye late last year in support of its ongoing business transformation strategy, and last month, began a comprehensive receipt marketing communications solution with Ecrebo.

Retailers have traditionally outsourced targeted receipt management to third parties, resulting in what Eagle Eye described as less control over messaging and revenues from participating consumer goods brands. In an interview with WGB, Anthony Stevenson, Eagle Eye’s international new business director, described new coupon marketing program as the first step toward building out an omnichannel experience that would connect to all of the places where the retailer interacts with the customer.

“This is important, because if you understand your customer in more detail, you can offer them more things that they like, and that will build affinity with your store or your brand … and be able to reward them in ways that ultimately drive additional trips and larger baskets,” he said.

As the COVID pandemic triggers fundamental changes in consumer behavior—notably a rise in digital shopping and the need to narrow personalization advantages with players in that field, such as Amazon—this connection is becoming more crucial for traditional retailers, Stevenson argued.

“The customer is going through a lot of change with the dramatic effects of the pandemic, including a rise in e-commerce engagement,” he said. “Your total shopping basket with retailer X is now more multichannel than it was six months ago for a larger percentage of your shoppers.”

Shoppers visiting Southeastern Grocers’ store are now receiving relevant coupons printed on each receipt at checkout, with variables including brand offers and availability according to location. If the shopper is already known to the retailer, coupons can be personalized and delivered to their mobile wallet, Eagle Eye said.

“What started as an initial strategy to improve our coupon marketing has evolved into a much larger and comprehensive strategy to become digitally connected with customers, better understand behaviors across different channels, and be able to serve each customer individually with the right offers and content,” added Adam Kirk, SVP of marketing for Southeastern Grocers.

Eagle Eye said it would roll out more media channels for Southeastern starting this month, including on- and off-property paid media, connected-shelf digital coupons and targeted emails, enabling Southeastern’s broader focus to increase revenues, decrease marketing costs and incentivize customer loyalty.



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