Walmart Just Won’t Give Up on This Idea

Would you trust a stranger stocking your fridge?

The Lempert Report

In a new service that has been talked about for well over a year, Walmart customers will be able to order groceries online, and then a Walmart worker will drive the food from a nearby store and deliver it to fridges in customers' kitchens or garages.    

Walmart piloted its new service in New Jersey for five months and is ready to expand. The option will be available to more than 1 million customers this fall in Kansas City, Mo.; Pittsburgh; and Vero Beach, Fla.  

Walmart's employees will wear a camera when they enter customers' homes, allowing shoppers to watch the process live from their phones. Customers won't have to pay for a camera, but they will have to purchase a special door lock.    

The biggest barrier Walmart will face—no surprise—is that most people just don’t want strangers, even if they are Walmart employees, coming into their homes. One way Walmart is trying to alleviate customer concerns about the service: a biography with three fun facts about their delivery employees. I’ll take a pass.


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