Wegmans, Higi Partner to Connect Customer Healthcare

Users of the Higi health kiosks at Wegmans stores can now link data collected at the stations to Wegmans pharmacists, enabling more convenient and on-the-spot healthcare.

Self-serve Higi heath stations are located at 94 Wegmans stores. Consumers can use the kiosks to measure and track data such including blood pressure, pulse, weight and BMI. Biometrics can now be securely linked to Wegmans through the McKesson Clinical Programs Solutions' pharmacy management platform, which will allow the retailer's pharmacists to immediately react to each consumer’s health concerns, particularly those at risk for hypertension, according to Higi.

Having access to this data enables Wegmans and their pharmacists to be the “connective tissue needed as the healthcare system continues to move toward proactive and convenient retail based care,” the company said.

“Consumers want a more convenient, cheaper and easier ways to connect to their healthcare data and share it with their care providers,” Higi CEO Jeff Bennett said in a statement. “By being consumer-centric and meeting the consumer where they are, Higi and Wegmans together are empowering deeper consumer engagement to drive improved adherence and deliver better health outcomes.”



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