Where Publix Leads the Pack: 2020's Most Trusted

Photograph by Tom Michas

Publix shopper satisfaction ratings topped the rankings in a number of categories, including its handling of COVID-19 (86%), selection of food and beverage products (81%), selection of new products (72%), self-checkout (72%) and service quality/friendly staff (90%).

Most Shopped vs. Most Trusted

Publix and Trader Joe’s markedly increased their share as Most Trusted vs. store shopped most often.

These attributes have become increasingly important in the pandemic, when intermittent product shortages, safety protocols and social distancing have disrupted the grocery status quo. BrandSpark further finds that Publix leads in giving the best overall experience (86%) and best quality fresh prepared meals (79%), the latter of which has become crucial as shoppers experience pandemic-driven cooking-at-home fatigue. In terms of value, Publix (73%) is second only to Costco (88%).

Importance of COVID-19 Measures

Enhanced cleanliness in-store, sanitized shopping carts and mandatory masks are regarded as the most important measures retailers have taken in response to COVID-19.

Publix also outpaced its competitors in specialty services, notes BrandSpark. Its survey found that Publix’s specialty services completely satisfied the expectations of 77% of its shoppers. The grocer also scored big in store layout and organization (81%); traffic control/not too busy in-store (68%); well-maintained store (86%); and having a mobile app for coupons, rewards and online ordering—an attribute for which Publix (75%) was second only to Kroger (76%).

Satisfaction with Store Attributes

Quality of fresh produce is the No. 1 driver of trust for 37% of consumers.

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