WinCo wants shoppers with electric vehicles to charge up and shop

The grocer partnered with large charging network EVgo to install the first EV-charging station at a WinCo in Nevada.
EVgo charging stations at WinCo. Photograph: Courtesy of Business Wire

WinCo Foods and EVgo Inc. on Thursday announced the opening of the first EVgo public fast-charging station for the grocery chain in Nevada. The charging station is located at 6101 N. Decatur Blvd. in Las Vegas.

“WinCo is happy to play our part in the reduction of carbon emissions in our operating areas,” said Noah Fleisher, corporate spokesperson at WinCo Foods, in a statement. “We hope the charging station at our Las Vegas store becomes a destination for EV users and can help encourage others to make the change.”

The new charging station features 350kW and 100kW fast chargers and serves four stalls in total. EVgo fast chargers are compatible with all fast-charge capable electric vehicles on the market, and drivers can charge their EVs either with the EVgo app, EVgo program card, Autocharge+ or by credit card, said EVgo. Additionally, drivers with an EVgo account can earn points toward a charging credit with EVgo Rewards.

“Las Vegas is a fast-growing market for electric vehicles, and we know that accelerating EV adoption there and across the country requires driver confidence in reliable and convenient public fast-charging infrastructure,” said Jonathan Levy, chief commercial officer at EVgo, in a statement. The company currently has 18 charging stations in the Las Vegas area. 

WinCo joins EVgo’s other retail locations across the country, and there will be more fast-charging stalls added to WinCo Foods locations in California, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Oregon and Utah, according to EVgo. Two additional EVgo stations have already been added at WinCo locations in California soon after the Las Vegas opening, the company said.

“By adding EVgo fast chargers to its properties, WinCo Foods pairs its renowned shopper experience with EVgo’s first-class customer service to extend hospitality from inside the store to the parking lot,” a news release stated.

“WinCo and EVgo recognize that adding EVgo fast chargers to WinCo’s Las Vegas store is a win-win-win for all of us, including drivers and shoppers. We look forward to growing our footprint with WinCo Foods in key markets across the West,” said Levy.

EVgo was founded in 2010 and has over 850 fast-charging locations, currently serving over 60 metropolitan areas across more than 30 states.

WinCo has stores in Idaho, Arizona, California, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Utah. The company opened its 138th store in August.



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