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Albertsons CEO: Some Restaurants Aren’t Coming Back

Long-term disruption in the U.S. business climate, including a culling of alternative food venues and slow office reopenings, portends a favorable environment for well-run supermarkets, Vivek Sankaran tells investors.


Winsight Live: Food Trends, Hazard Pay and Shopper Frustrations

Winsight’s latest live news roundtable, Winsight Live with Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, explores the latest in food trends, which includes less booze and more chicken wings; what the UFCW is doing to reinstate hazard pay; how retailers can do to eliminate shopper frustrations amid a pandemic; and more.

Short-term compromises in store hours and availability may have blunted near-term food sales growth, but Walmart’s CFO has eyes on growing "mind share" over the longer term.

Winsight’s latest live news roundtable, Winsight Live with Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, explores Ahold’s new 200,000-square-foot fresh meat facility in Rhode Island; the Catch-22 of food deserts; Target’s Good & Gather line expansion; and the latest contention with face masks.

Shoppers habits have changed, but the fundamentals, including merchandising and service, are still important for independent grocers, the author says.

Heading into Labor Day weekend, grocery workers at Kroger, Food 4 Less and Whole Foods Market call for a reinstatement of hazard pay given the continued threat of COVID-19.

The Lempert Report: The startup specializes in more interesting, exotic and hard-to-get foods.

Of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died from the coronavirus, no small number were colleagues and counterparts in the supermarket and food industries. WGB tells the stories of just a few of them.

Jim Heaney replaces Oded Shein, who resigned as chief financial officer after two years in the role.

The retailer launches Nourishing Our Neighborhoods, a program designed to rescue food and redistribute it to the communities that need it most.

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