ShopRite Dietitians Release 'Top 10 Picks' For Healthy Eating

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As part of ShopRite’s new Well Everyday program, the supermarket retailer has unveiled its in-store dietitians’ “Top 10 Picks” for healthy eating. From chickpeas to flax seed to salmon, these top picks can be used to pack nutrition into easy and delicious recipes that fit a customer’s individual health goals and budget, company officials say. 

The “Top 10 Picks” campaign features signage, food demonstrations and other promotions on display until early June. It is the first phase of ShopRite’s newly launched Well Everyday in-store messaging program, which is aimed at highlighting better food choices. Well Everyday debuted in store, online at and on social media platforms on April 24.

“As part of the first campaign in the Well Everyday program, we polled our 130 in-store dietitians to share their favorite healthy food picks with our customers,” says Natalie Menza-Crowe, RD, MS, director of health and wellness at ShopRite. “Their number one pick was almonds, which contain essential nutrients like protein, fiber and heart-healthy fats. By identifying these great foods and offering suggested recipes and snack ideas that incorporate them, we show how healthy eating can be easy, accessible and delicious.”

Well Everyday is an extension of ShopRite’s continually evolving array of health and wellness offerings and products. The supermarket also offers free nutritional classes, health screenings, and complementary nutritional counseling via its signature in-store registered dietitian program. Each Well Everyday campaign will feature eye-catching aisle visuals focused on promoting nutritious options. ShopRite plans to refresh the campaign every four to six weeks throughout the store.

“With Well Everyday, we’re meeting customers wherever they are on their health and wellness journey,” says Menza-Crowe. “For us, it’s all about finding ways to make it a snap for our customers to eat well, and the Top 10 list is a great start.”

The ShopRite Dietitians’ “Top 10” list, along with some tips to incorporate these nutritional powerhouses into everyday diets and dishes includes:

  1. Almonds – Munch on low-salt or roasted almonds for a midday pick-me-up; sprinkle slivered almonds on stir fries to add texture and flavor; blend them to create your own creamy “nut” butter
  2. Chickpeas – Mash with herbs for a tasty toast topper; make your own hummus by blending with tahini and spices; roast with olive oil and cinnamon for a savory snack
  3. Blueberries – Blend with vanilla yogurt for a refreshing treat; sweeten salsa by adding fresh blueberries; reduce over heat to make a glaze to drizzle over turkey or pork
  4. Kale – Massage it with your favorite vinegar before eaten raw (it tastes better); season with olive oil and bake until crispy to make kale chips; stir into soups, stews or rice dishes
  5. Greek Yogurt – Swap in for mayo or sour cream to top baked potatoes or chili; mix in your favorite herbs for a dreamy, creamy dip; use half mayo, half yogurt to lighten up tuna and chicken salad
  6. Avocado – Freeze into ice cream after blending with lime and coconut milk; split and grill to use as a topping for grilled meats; use in place of mayo for a greener chicken salad
  7. Flax Seeds – Bake into brownies, cookies or banana bread to give them a nutritional boost; add to your favorite breading for a crispier chicken coating; blend into breakfast smoothies
  8. Quinoa – Fake it with a bit of olive oil and serve as “fried rice” with a healthy twist; toss it with salad – it’s a perfect addition hot or cold; sweeten it up by topping it with Greek yogurt, dates and almonds
  9. Eggs – Poach in tomato sauce and serve over pasta for a satisfying meatless meal; fold into a bed of veggies and spices for a spicy breakfast burrito; hard boil for a grab-and-go snack
  10. Salmon – Grill with fresh peaches and rosemary; steam in parchment with veggies for a meal that will be ready in 12 minutes or less; blacken with Cajun spices and pair with a side of salsa



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