Drive Supermarket Foodservice Sales with Premium Snacks

Gourmet popcorn offers craveability and broad appeal to encourage spontaneous purchases

Consumers’ shopping habits continue to evolve as pandemic-related influences on the market fade out. For retailers, the prospect of more consumers shopping in store—and taking more time to browse while they’re there—means an opportunity to increase spontaneous purchases and leverage shoppers’ of-the-moment cravings to give foodservice sales a boost.

Here’s a look at current trends shaping how consumers shop supermarket foodservice—and how premium-quality gourmet popcorn can hit the spot for a broad demographic.


While the prepared-foods section continues to be a go-to spot for shoppers to grab a quick lunch or an easy dinner to take home, the demand for snacks should not be overlooked. Technomic’s Dec. 2021 Retail Foodservice Consumer Trend Report recommends offering snacks as a way to expand sales throughout the day and reports that 70% of retail foodservice shoppers purchase snacks at least once a month.

Especially as consumers resume pre-pandemic routines, new snack offerings like fresh gourmet popcorn will be a welcome addition to the foodservice lineup. Whether they’re taking a break from work, browsing on a weekend or shopping with kids after school, craveable popcorn flavors can encourage shoppers to purchase on a whim and increase cart averages overall.

Unplanned purchases

According to Technomic’s Retail Foodservice report, 40% of retail foodservice purchases made in-store (and 38% made online) are unplanned. What’s more, since consumers can enjoy a snack at any time of the day, snacking lends itself particularly well to spontaneous purchases. For grocers, this means that adjusting sales strategies to encourage of-the-moment purchasing decisions can be especially beneficial for snack offerings.

Sensory factors are among consumers’ top purchase drivers; 46% cite food appearance as a purchase driver, for example, while 26% cite food aroma. A Sweet Shop Setup offers a full sensory experience. The sights, sounds and aromas engage buyers’ senses and encourage impulse purchases. Gold Medal Products Co. offers all the ingredients, equipment and accessories for a sweet shop gourmet popcorn setup. The live action sounds and aroma of the popper will attract customers’ attention. Clear or window bags help display the product, draw shoppers in and showcase the freshness of popcorn prepared in the store.


Enhanced amenities are another recommendation from Technomic’s Retail Foodservice report; premium ingredients and top-tier service help create an upscale experience.

Consumers’ affinity for premium products and experiences go hand in hand with quality as a top priority. According to Technomic’s Retail Foodservice report, consumers say increasing value and variety at retail foodservice would encourage them to purchase more frequently, as would freshly made grab-and-go items and higher-quality ingredients.

Eating occasions are now overwhelmingly linked with snacks. The Sweet Shop Setup is a unique way to offer consumers grab-and-go convenience combined with a fresh in-store experience that engages the senses. Plus, the products are so versatile. With flavors ranging from savory snacks to sweet treats and even health-driven varieties, retailers can satisfy customer demands.

To learn more, download Gold Medal’s In-Store Snacking Solutions. It offers a starting point to setting grocery stores up for popcorn success. It provides more in-depth detail on how to create a full sensory experience for customers, customize setups, achieve positive profits of 70% or more and make the process flexible and easy for the grocery store owner and operator. Ready to incorporate popcorn sales into the business plan? Get in touch with Gold Medal today by calling 800-543-0862.

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