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The cost for a customer insights platform can easily run in the six-figure range.  But what if that cost could be offset by the store’s most valuable asset—customer data?

With a wealth of options to choose from—no matter what product or service they may be looking for—customers are more informed than ever and have more power to make a decision that best fits their needs. In the world of fast-moving retail, this means every trip is a prize and competition takes place several times per week.

While every retailer envisions growing sales, getting from sales goals to achievement can be difficult. Many retailers lose focus on recognizing growth areas where the business can expand, particularly among specific customer groups. Developing a long-term customer strategy enables a faster, more efficient achievement of the overall sales strategy.

This webinar will present an illustrated guide to the many initiatives undertaken by UK retailers in their attempts to combat the discounters – some current, some recent, and some not-so-recent.