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Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is a commodity marketing board funded by Alaska fishermen and processors, the State of Alaska and the federal government that works to promote wild Alaska Seafood as an entire industry, not as individual brands.  ASMI’s objective is to increase consumption and awareness of wild Alaska Seafood’s superior quality and taste.  The foodservice marketing program has resources available to help restaurants capitalize on the growing popularity of wild Alaska Seafood.

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Amid the past year’s turbulent retail landscape, seafood has remained one of grocery’s strongest players, catalyzing dramatic category growth by offering solutions to some of shoppers’ top priorities in the recent months. Here are four best practices for boosting seafood sales in the grocery store as tides continue to change in the new year.

The $12.5 billion seafood category attracts affluent shoppers and can be a showcase for a store’s quality positioning.

Consumers have high standards for seafood. Perhaps more than in any other grocery category, consumers want to know the story behind their seafood purchases, especially where it came from.

Here are a few ways to entice shoppers to eat more seafood before, during and after Lent.

By highlighting the inherent high quality of wild-caught, sustainable seafood from Alaska, consumers will be more likely to purchase over other options.

Through incorporating seafood in their fresh food areas, retailers are promoting seafood origin and quality by offering ready-to-eat platters for the holidays.

Here are four ways seafood from Alaska fits today’s consumers’ desires.