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The consumer trend: Dining out is a treat, a special experience. Blount satisfies consumer expectations with premium-quality soups, side dishes and sauces that enhance your restaurants’ sales and profits. Blount makes it easy and labor-saving with, for example, boil-in-a-bag gourmet soups in wide-ranging inspired varieties that taste as fresh as if made in your own kitchen. And, Blount is always ready to partner with you to create your own custom recipes.

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Grocers’ grab-and-go meal choices have come a long way from the rotisserie chicken.

Take advantage of peak soup season by building a soup program that’s on point.

As consumers add more plant-based foods to their diets, soups can play an important role for restaurant operators seeking to cater to the dietary interests of these customers.

Ethnic foods are taking up more real estate in supermarket aisles, so it should be no surprise to see more diversity on the prepared foods and in-store restaurant side as well.

By offering soups and sides featuring high-quality ingredients and on-trend preparations, operators can ensure that they are appealing to today’s consumer sensibilities.

Marketing clean-label options is vital to ensure that customers know about the ingredients an operation is using—and, more importantly, which ingredients it’s not using.

The grab-and-go segment is a high-value niche. Those that capitalize on young consumers’ tastes, spending habits and interests will be in a good position to win their loyalty.

Soup and salad align with growing demand for takeout options, as both lend themselves to portability and their quality typically doesn’t suffer during the trip.

In addition to offering a la carte soup in the kettle or hot bar, bundling shopper-favorite soup varieties into a complete meal package with an entrée, sides and dessert is a smart sales strategy.

Part of offering a good value is offering high quality food and beverages, as well as a great shopping experience.

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